GitBuilding is an open source program for writing hardware documentation. It includes a live editor for so you can edit your documentation while you are viewing the HTML output.

GitBuilding allows you to:

  • Define component use inside the instruction text.
  • Automate bill of material generation.
  • Re-use documentation for multiple variations of a design.
  • Define the hierarchy of the steps in your documentation.
  • Output your documentation in Markdown, HTML, or PDF*.

Keep control of your documentation

GitBuilding introduces a new syntax. We call this BuildUp, as it is Markdown with some additional syntax to add metadata for building hardware. Despite this new format you never risk lock-in. GitBuilding, not only open source is built is written as a BuildUp to Markdown converter. If you wish to move your documentation away from GitBuilding you can export it as markdown.

GitBuilding is beginning to mature, but the syntax still may change. We are open to feedback and suggestions. If you want to get involved please visit the project on GitLab or get in contact via Gitter.

*PDF output is experimental and hard to install on Windows. We are working on this.