To install (for Python 3.6+)

pip install gitbuilding

Note: If you installed python from the Windows app store GitBuilding will not work as intended. If you are on windows you should install python or Anaconda. During install make sure you select the box to add python to your PATH

If you wish to contribute to development of GitBuilding you can clone the project from GitLab but you will need to build the javascript editor from source. For more information on contributing see our contributing guide.

Once the GitBuilding is a bit more stable we will add a simple way to install and run without using the command line.

Next: see how to run GitBuilding.

(Optional) Installing WeasyPrint

To generate PDFs GitBuilding requires WeasyPrint. Please follow the instructions on the WeasyPrint website. We understand and agree that this installation is too difficult, especially on Windows. We are working on bundling this into an installer.

PDF generation is still experimental. We apologise that it is so hard to get it running on Windows.