GitBuilding uses a markdown-like syntax called BuildUp. We plan to formalise BuildUp into a standard once we have figured out what works best.

Your first GitBuilding project

Make a new folder

First make a new empty folder on your computer.

Create two new files

Into that we are make two new files. Both are plain text files you can create in Notepad, or any other plain text editor.

The first file buildconf.yaml describes some of the project details:


    - Aaron A Aaronson
Affiliation: My Affiliation
Email: my-email@my.domain
License: CERN-OHL-1.2

The second file provides some instructions:

# Making a widget

## You will need

## Method
Take two [M6x10 cap screws]({Qty: 2} and screw them into the bottom of the [widget base]({Qty:1} using a [5mm ball driver]{Qty: 1}.

[5mm ball driver]: "{cat: Tool}"

Screw two more [M6x10 cap screws]{Qty: 2} into the top of the [widget base] the [same ball driver][5mm ball driver]{Qty: 1}.

Run GitBuilding

Open a terminal in the folder you created and run

gitbuilding serve

This will run a local webpage where you can preview and edit your documentation. The terminal should link you to http://localhost:6178. Open this link.

You should see a web page that looks somwhat like this:

Making a widget

You will need




Take two M6x10 cap screws and screw them into the bottom of the widget base using a 5mm ball driver.

Screw two more M6x10 cap screws into the top of the widget base the same ball driver.

Use the live editor to edit the instructions

For more details please see

A full example is available.