GitBuilding is an open source program for writing hardware build instructions. See an example webpage generated with GitBuilding.

GitBuilding allows you to:

  • Write build instructions as you build, in Markdown, using a two-paned editor that previews the final output.
  • Tag links in your text with meta-data (part specs, descriptions, quantities); marking them as pre-requisite build steps or parts you need to purchase.
  • You can also efficiently bulk-define part meta-data using separate part libraries in YAML.

GitBuilding uses your tags and meta-data to automatically generate and insert bills of materials into your documentation. It correctly links different steps to one another (even when you have mutliple variants), shows previews of 3D files and lets you easily include links to generated zips and other files in the correct places. Finally, you can output the entire documentation in pure Markdown, HTML or PDF*.

Download & Install Running GitBuilding

Keep control of your documentation

GitBuilding uses Markdown with some additional syntax. We call this BuildUp. Despite introducing a new format you never risk lock-in. GitBuilding is both open source, and it can export your documentation to plain Markdown. If you wish to move your documentation away from GitBuilding you can export it as plain Markdown.

GitBuilding is beginning to mature, but the syntax still may change. We are open to feedback and suggestions. If you want to get involved please visit the project on GitLab or get in contact via Gitter or using our space on the GOSH forum.

*PDF output is experimental. We are working on this.